Colour concept

Colours surround us always and everywhere. Even in a dream, life is not white.

Use colour to support architecture and the spatial atmosphere.

mattwerk offers you a wide range of services in the field of colour design.


A mattwerk project always begins with a consultation and an analysis of the current situation. Your goals, wishes and preferences are discussed. And maybe you already have your own ideas to slide in?


For a coherent concept, you should also be prepared to give up the habitual in order to create something new. Just keep what makes you happy or where you have no budget to replace it.


In a next step, the colour concept is designed and visualized for you. This can be done using photos, sketches or colourations. Usually large colour patterns are also created.


The goal is a balanced overall concept with coordinated colours. mattwerk uses colour contrasts such as light-dark or warm-cool as well as connecting colour elements. Neither overstimulation nor monotony is required.


On request, we help you in the creative execution of the manual work and remain your main point of contact.


First and foremost, we consider your favourite craftsmen. Depending on requirements, our own specialists are available for painting work. And for the rest of the work, we can recommend local specialists from our network.